voice actor and production staff database

I redesigned the site, coded the front end, and did a little work on the back end. I themed WordPress and created template pages to display the information in the database.

I coded in HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and Smarty.


I created the illustrations in Adobe Illustrator.

When the site was converted from hand-coded HTML pages to PHP, it became almost nothing but unstyled text. I was brought on board to redesign the site. The one stipulation was that the site be blue.


This was a large project. The homepage is a WordPress blog where the owner posts press releases. The main section of the site is a database that uses PHP and MySQL to generate the pages.


The owner wanted me to have fun with the site, so I created a large number of panda illustrations as I was theming WordPress. The owner liked them so much he created a new blog category and requested a separate set of illustrations just for it.

I removed a lot of unnecessary content from the sidebar to make the site easier to navigate.


Due to unforeseen circumstances, the coder who originally programmed the database was unable to finish translating the PHP pages to Smarty templates. In order to complete the site's redesign, I grabbed a book and learned PHP and MySQL.


I finished creating the Smarty templates for the database section. I also found problems in the code that the original programmer missed, and I fixed a table in the database that had been causing timeout errors on the site.

no pandas were harmed in the making of this site

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