homebrew CMS written in PHP and MySQL

I wanted a small database I could use to back up different writing assignments. I've used WordPress before, but I wanted something smaller that specifically fulfilled my needs. Write More is the product of that desire. It can handle short stories, chaptered stories, poetry, and hypertext fiction.


I used mobile-first design while creating this responsive site. The top navigation bar uses only CSS. The PHP, MySQL, CSS, and HTML were all written from scratch in a text editor.

Writing pieces can be viewed in more specific categories than just "stories" and "poetry," such as poetry types like free verse, haiku, and sonnets.

"nowhere"  is a hypertext fiction piece I wrote for a college class. It's a choose-your-own-path story with multiple endings. The elements are stored in a database, so adding more paths is easy.

The form for creating and editing pieces is clean and simple.


One of the fields is "Period Written." This is a general time frame for when  the piece was originally written, like "college" or "high school." This substitutes for the date written if the date written is unknown.


If the story is a long piece with chapters, there is a field to input the name of the database table that holds the chapters. I prefer to give each long story its own chapters table.


Pieces can be marked as public, private, or unlisted. When logged in, there is a "View All" option in the bottom right corner that can be toggled on and off. Private pieces are not viewable by anyone unless logged in. Unlisted pieces can be viewed if the user has the URL.


If the piece is a rewrite, the ID of the original piece can be supplied and it will be linked to on the display page.


I created placeholders for some pieces that I wrote but can't currently locate, to remind myself to grab them when I get a chance. This is what the "Missing?" option signifies.


The pieces displayed on Write More were mostly generated by online story and poetry generators, so they're word soup. The auto-generated option is there to specifically mark the pieces as such.

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